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Earthgrant Group is committed to being a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare provider in the areas where we operate. We prioritize collaboration and compassion in our approach to empower individuals to access healthcare-related products and services. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has timely and reliable access to the medications they need.


Earthgrant Group is committed to making a difference in the healthcare sector by ensuring access to quality medications and healthcare services while prioritizing compassion and collaboration.

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Direct Contact with Leading Manufacturers

We have established a comprehensive network of direct contact with reputable manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. This allows us to source high-quality medications and healthcare products directly from the manufacturers, ensuring their authenticity and reliability.

Local Community Patient-Direct Dispensing Program

We have implemented a patient-direct dispensing program within the local community. This program enables patients to receive their medications directly from our designated distribution centres, ensuring convenience and timely access to their prescribed treatments.

Dedicated In-Patient Services

We provide dedicated healthcare services within in-patient settings. Our healthcare professionals work closely with patients, their families, and healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive and personalized care for individuals experiencing progressive illnesses.